Tuesday, December 8, 2009

vote now

On the radio yesterday, they mentioned a poll of the ten most hated Christmas songs of all time. Now, I love Christmas and all things pertaining to it. Well, almost all things. Perhaps not fruitcake. Most definitely not the giant air-filled Homer Simpson Santas. And I do cease and desist from decorating and putting on the Christmas CDs until the day after Thanksgiving. If it's all around for half the year, it loses the magic I love.

But there are those songs . . . you know the ones I mean. Or maybe you don't. I would like to conduct my own unofficial totally scientific research--what are your top five most hated Christmas songs? Please comment with your list. I will post mine later, so as not to sway any completely scientific results. Tell your friends to vote. Or your neighbors. Or people you meet on the street. Or your grandma. (We already know which one is not her favorite. Can we sing "Grandma got run over . . . "?)The more votes the more fun it will be.


Anonymous said...

I reaally don't like the sentimental song, "Christmas Shoes!!!" It is depressing!

mildred said...

Elvis' "Blue Christmas"--annoying! (sorry Elvis fans)

jill said...

I am trying this to see if I have trouble posting to my own blog. But my sister says she votes for "Santa Baby." Amen, sister!