Friday, February 26, 2010

and tomorrow is national pass gas day

Today is National Chili Day! Now, truth be told, I do not like chili. At all. And it is an extremely popular dish to serve at pot lucks and get togethers. The odd thing is, I very much like to cook it.

The same goes for soup. I don't generally eat it, but I love to chop all those things up and throw them in the crock pot. There must be something very therapeutic in chopping vegetables. I have mentioned before that I do not, as a rule, enjoy cooking. But there is something about this act that is quite fulfilling.

So for today, I will share with you the three prize-winning chili recipes from our recent 4H chili cookoff. I just will not eat them. Enjoy!

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Caroline said...

LOL. We all have those favorite things to fix. Some, I like to fix cause it's a favorite w/someone, but I don't particular care for the dish. And I like to fix certain things for certain occasions. Other than that, I get tired of cooking all the time.

Isn't that why God made restuarants? :)